TraeCon Investments

Supporting social corporate responsibility
for the Australian Red Cross

Unlike MOST fund raising projects, we are not asking your company to donate any money! Instead, we would like to provide your business with a complimentary bulk lolly machine for your staff to enjoy!

At the same time, you will be providing much needed financial support for the Australian Red Cross.

This is a small machine of contemporary design which will blend in with any type of décor. The machine has four selections of lollies and we call it the “U-Turn”, as it spins. It gives a generous handful of lollies while taking up only one square foot of space!

TraeCon Investments is a 'sweet' business. If you are interested in helping your business raise funds for the Australian Red Cross and would like to have a small colourful lolly vending machine in your workplace, out the front for customers or behind the scenes for staff, then please email today.

By 2006, the U-Turn lolly vending machines had raised $126,000 for Australian Red Cross. Retailers such as Harvey Norman and companies like BHP down to the local fish 'n' chip shop are enjoying quality confectionary through these small machines.

Local businesses are able to host a lolly machine as an easy means of contributing to social corporate responsibility while assisting Australian Red Cross in helping vulnerable people across Australia.

Benefits of this special project:

  1. You can help benefit the Australian Red Cross at no cost to your business. Machine promotion fees and donations go directly to the Australian Red Cross.
  2. The machine provides fresh snack items for your employees to enjoy. Our typical products include Plain & Peanut M&Ms, Mints and Skittles.
  3. We provide an attractive, compact machine with clean, modern styling.
  4. You show goodwill toward your customers and employees and you are supporting a worthy charity.

You can contribute to this program by finding a business in your community that would like to host a FREE Lolly Machine from TraeCon Investments. If you know someone that can help, please email today.