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We cover the age group 12 to 24!

These are the formative years, the testing years when you check, test, challenge all the values handed down from parents and possibly grandparents, and sometimes, even their close friends!!

Anyone who you regard as being ‘significant’ in your life will have made an impact on you, let’s hope it was a positive one.

By the time you are seven, you will have set your values based on those held by 'significant' others in your life.

Around the age of nine, you will have idealised someone and want to be ‘like them’. Without knowing it, you decide to become like them, possibly even doing similar work. There is something about that person that touches your heart, you may get on well with them, admire them for something or you just feel good being near them.

My father’s aunty, Aunty Lily who passed away at 97, always used to say, If you can just get a boy to 25 without too many problems, they will be all right!! Aunty Lily never had children of her own, but she raised children from three different families when their mothers had passed away or was otherwise unable to cope with them! So I figured she must know something about bringing up kids!

The Adolescent Brain

Now we know through science that the ‘brain’ of adolescents isn’t fully developed until they are in their early 20s!!

The brain is still developing during the teen years. Dr Jay Giedd of the NIMH has reported that brain "maturation does not stop at age 10, but continues into the teen years and even into the 20’s. What is most surprising is that you get a second wave of overproduction of gray matter, something that was thought to happen only in the first 18 months of life (Begley, 2000).

What does this mean for teens?

According to Dr Giedd, this is exciting news for teens!!
" …unlike infants whose brain activity is completely determined by their parents and environment, the teens may actually be able to control how their own brains are wired and sculpted." Kids who "exercise" their brains by learning to order their thoughts, understand abstract concepts, and control their impulses are laying the neural foundations that will serve them for the rest of their lives. "This argues for doing a lot of things as a teenager," says Dr. Giedd. "You are hard-wiring your brain in adolescence. Do you want to hard-wire it for sports and playing music and doing mathematics–or for lying on the couch in front of the television?"

Asia Pacific Youth advises young people not make serious, life changing decisions while they are under 25 years of age!


Because as we can see from the science above, our brains are still developing. It really isn’t the time to make decisions and take action on something we later regret the outcome of, the result of our actions makes us committed to something or someone we don’t really want to be!!

Sure, it’s fun to be silly, bad, careless once in a while, but if we keep on doing that, then we can get ‘hardwired’ to keep doing the stuff that only gets us into trouble or worse, that affect us seriously, that means a challenge to our own values and a commitment (or worse, deep regret) for the rest of our life, that perhaps we didn’t want to be faced with!!

Which is fair enough, because we ARE NOT READY TO DEAL WITH THEM, EMOTIONALLY OR PHYSICALLY…OR FINANCIALLY!! There’s no questions there!

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